Monday, August 12, 2013

Jugglesfest 2013   Sept. 20-22nd  (Fri.-Sun)
Hummel House, Lopez,WA

Hey Everybody,

Jugglefest is just around the corner. Thought it was time to get word out. It seems like it is time to try and do a little work to keep numbers up. This will be the 23rd consecutive Jugglefest on the shores of Hummel Lake . It is a wonderful tradition that keeps on going. I would love to reach out to folks that have not made it in a while and get them back in the fold. So please forward this along to anyone who might be out of the loop and share it with any other future perspective Jugglefesters. This could also be a great place to share ideas on how to keep making Jugglefest a great experience for all. I am not real savvy with the blog world so any ideas on how to make communication as easy and effective are more than welcome.

                               Carol and Al are ready to share their beautiful homestead once again

Christophers is working on his World Famous Rolla Bolla Act

                                                           Getting the Salmon Ready

                                                        Thursday Nite Bake Anyone?

.                                                 The Crew Sprucing the Place Up a Bit

New Ideas
Friday Nite Renegade Show- The Methow already has a couple of acts lined up and Christopher has threatened to bust his world famous rolla bolla act. What do you think

What some scheduled workshops?

There are always lots of places to plug in. Here are a couple of the regulars:
Need a MC for Sat Nite Show
Need a cook for Saturday Lunch Soup
Need Folks to come early and stay late for set up and take down. (Some of the funnest times are Thursdays and Mondays)

Again Please Help Get the Word Out. Really looking forward to seeing you all again.
Juggle On


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